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What are OEM Parts?

These are the parts made by the manufacturer of your vehicle. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

What are Aftermarket parts?

These are parts not made by the manufacturer of your vehicle. They are less expensive then OEM parts but may not have the same fit and functionality for your specific vehicle. That is why you need a quality auto technician who knows what will work well with your vehicle.

Something is wrong with my transmission. What should I do?

Check fluid level and condition. Does it smell burnt. Check for leaks. For detail information please contact us for an appointment or stop in.

Engine light on, is it only for my engine concern?

No, check engine light comes on due to some issues on engine and transmission.

If I’m experiencing problem with my transmission, will a transmission service help?

Depends on the type of problem. Low fluid level, leaks. Servicing automatic transmission is a preventative maintenance procedure.

How do I check my transmission fluid, what if it does not have a dip stick?

Start your car, then pull your dip stick out, wipe it dry, then recheck fluid for proper level. If it has no dip stick, you need to bring your car in. We need to raise your car on the rack scan tool is needed as well.

I have a standard transmission, my clutch pedal is to the floor and it will not return up. Do I need a new clutch?

First check clutch master cylinder for proper fluid level or leaks in the system.

My clutch pedal is good but I has no power or no movement. Do I need a new clutch?

Yes, it seems like it.

My car is running rough, what’s wrong?

Possible a misfire, It may need a tune up. Best to bring it in, so we can scan it.


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